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We are a small hobby breeder located in the middle of Michigan.  Our dogs are our pets and our hunting partners.  Our females are only bred 4 times in their life.  We love to be outdoors and so do our Labs, and Golden Retrievers.  We perform DNA test on all our dogs before choosing to breed them.  This is why we can offer a 2 year genetic health guarantee on all our pups.  The guarantee is all covered in our puppy buyer’s agreement that must be completed before you can receive your pup.  We have been raising labs for 12 years, breeding for 8 and have been training them to hunt for the las 6 years. Over the years we have raised both the American and English style of Lab and all the standard colors, but we have become very intrigued by the diluted colors in Labradors and how the genetics work with coat colors.  So in 2013 we bought our first silver lab and named him Duke, after the first male lab I ever owned. As the years have gone buy and our family got bigger, our daughters have decided that they wanted something a little different.  So now we own 3 beautiful Golden Retrievers that will be added to our breeding program in 2022.  We love our dogs and love telling people about them, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us.  We have worked very hard to continue to improve the genetics of our pups.  It is our goal to produce genetically perfect puppies with great hunting instinct and loving gentle personalities.  Our males are Available for Stud and are used quite often.  From those litters we usually take pick of the litter. This helps us keep up with the demand there is in Michigan for diluted colored pups. If you look at our Available Pups and Coming Soon pages, they will list all the litters our males have sired that are currently available, or are expecting in the coming months. Litters will only be posted once pregnancy has been confirmed. Our pick of the litter pups are usually for sale, unless we are keeping the pup for breeding purposes.  This means you could have first choice of any pup you want from that litter and is explained in more detail on the coming soon page.  Although this is a slightly unorthodox way to sell pups we have found that it works out well for everyone. 

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