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This is ASH.  He is an 3 year old 90lb Charcoal male.  He is a monster.  He comes to us from Humphery's Labs in Venture, Iowa.  He comes from a long line of pointing Labs.  Ash has been DNA Profiled by the AKC.  He is EeBbdd.  This means Ash can produce all colors of puppies. Ash is clear (two coppies of the normal allele) of DM, EIC, CNM, PRA and CY.  He is also normal at the K gene. ( KB KB ) This means he will produce solid colored puppies ( No splash pups ).  Soon he will be pointing birds and retrieving them to hand.  Ash is now ready for stud and has sired 11 litters and has 2 more on the way.  You can check out our coming soon page for more details about his pups.  Pictured below are some of Ash's pups

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