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If you would like to purchase a puppy, use one of our males for stud services or just have questions please contact us by phone or e-mail. We live in the country just outside of a little town called Perrinton located in the middle of Michigan.


Phone # 517-819-2876


E-mail us at



SF Yellow Pups                                                                                                            $800

SF Black Pups                                                                                                              $800

SF Chocolate Pups                                                                                                      $800


Champagne Limited Registration                                                                            $800

Charcoal Limited Registration                                                                                  $800

Silver Limited Registration                                                                                        $800


Champagne Full Registration                                                                                        $1000

Charcoal Full Registration                                                                                             $1000

Silver Full Registration                                                                                                   $1000


Pick of the Litter Pups: Silver, Charcoal or Champagne                                   $800 Limited $1000Full

Pick of the litter SF Chocolates                                                                           $800 Limited  $1000 Full

Pick of the litter Silver Factored pups: Black, Yellow                                    $800 Limited $1000 Full

Ash, Harley, Ryder and  Axel are all available for stud.


We are always willing to take pick of the litter, providing your girl is in good health, of breeding age (16 month to 7 years old) and registered with AKC, UKC or CKC . However we do have some requirements for pick of the litter pups:

 1. Pups must have dew claws removed. This must be done at 3 to 5 days old.

2. We must be givin access to ALL the puppies at 4 weeks old (So we can pick our puppy)

3. Pup must be given a health check up from a licensed veterinarian prior to puppy pick up.

4. Pup must be healthy and free of all physical defects.

5. Pup will not be picked up prior to 7 weeks old

6.Pup must come with full registration

If your female has bred to any male other that one of ours, a Brucellosis Test is Required


If you would rather pay the stud fee it is:


$800 When bred to a standard color Lab or any other breed


$1000 when bred to a Diluted colored Lab


All Stud fees must be paid 50% at the time of breeding and the other 50% BEFORE I will sign off on the registration of the pups


We require a $100 deposit on standard color puppies and a $200 deposit on dilutes colors to hold your place in the picking order.  Pups will be picked in the order in which the deposits are recieved.  Pups can be picked at anytime , but must be picked by the time the puppies are 4 weeks old.  Deposits may be made by cash, check,  PayPal,  or Venmo, but final payment must be paid in cash, PayPal or Venmo

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